Fulfillment book

What if everything you can imagine can actually be reality?
Can be used as a companion book to the Premium Coaching "Quantum leap into your freedom".
Yes - I think that was one of the first things that most parents got us out of the habit of doing.
Sentences like:
"You can want a lot when the day is long."
Perhaps they also fell in your childhood.
With this fulfillment book you will learn to believe in your wishes again. Believing is the step before knowing. Although you already know that the things you really want have always come true in your life - right?
Therefore, use this book to fulfill your real desires and bring them into your reality through your visualization possibilities.
And - if you don't believe it yet - I know it works!
You can just pretend to know at the beginning until you do.
If you already know that this is the case - accelerate the process in your life with the help of this fulfillment book.
Fulfill your desired event or goal
YOUR will be done - so start WANTING again!
A book by Cordula Ahrens
Your clarity coach for more awareness and motivation


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