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Cordula offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge at the Academy!
🍀 For more inner stability
🍀 For a higher frequency
🍀 For your vision
🍀 For your goals

Your goals: YOUR success and your inner FREEDOM!

A warm welcome!

Cordula is your coach for more awareness, your mindset.

As a graduate in cultural economics (Univ.) and management consultant, she combines extremely helpful knowledge and experience for you.

Cordula Ahrens


Cordula helps you to develop new perspectives in no time at all and thus:
🍀 a higher level of mental resilience
🍀 a stable mindset so that nothing can throw you off track
🍀 a mental sense of security and freedom from within yourself
🍀 An expanded consciousness that will continue to evolve
🍀 the expansion of your ability to Anticipation and avoidance of problem situations
🍀 the unique support from me to really get going every day!

Customers about Cordula

Do you finally want to know what you are living for?

How do you feel truly free in every situation in life?
Then book a conversation for your clarity with Cordula - click on the red button now!

Your life - your calling - your path

And it is unique! - You want to walk it successfully and happily, freely and harmoniously.

Often they are Thought carousels that prevent us from actually developing there.
I'll show you where you need to start to get out of the hamster wheel
help you to release your blockages sustainably
support you until you can continue on your own.
That works with me Faster and lighter,
than it was for you to build up these thought patterns


My customer Mel says:

Cordula is one of the best mindset coaches I have ever experienced!!! With great Clarity and much Love she helped me to track down my blockages and blow them away.
She showed me how to keep my energy completely with me, focus it and use it for myself and my business. fully utilize can.
My sales have increased massively, as has my energy level.
II would be nowhere near where I am todayif she hadn't supported me.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, dear Cordula! (Mel Asta B.)

As a management consultant, I know exactly what you need,
around the best possible performance without even greater effort to be able to bring!
Scientists have found that people with more Awareness
the limit of your capacity effortless can expand.

Our consciousness is the The key to fewer problems, more resilienceless illness, faster and more effective solutions, better anticipation and much more. Do you want to expand and use it?

I am your awareness coach with a business background

🍀 I estimate that more than 93 % of my clients achieve their goals
100 % - if they do what I tell them.

Do you already know which path you want to take?
Which of the consultants will take you where you want to go?
As a mentor and coach, I am unbeatable,
because I support you in being sensitive and strong at the same time.

You will go your own way independently and freely
and the well-being of all is automatically integrated.

Unsuccessfulness and burnout are a thing of the past
Relaxation in working life today is
With me at your side as your coach, you have already won.

I look forward to you and your development!

with best wishes for a happy and creative life

Are you ready for YOUR life?

It is your path that no one but you can follow.
Do you want to take it now?
Is NOW the time?
Click on the button and book your conversation for more clarity about what you really want.

Cordula Ahrens

How does Cordula support you?

You may be going through a difficult phase right now (at least that's what the outside world tells you) and feel that you need to change something in your life. Because the way things are right now, you personally simply can't go on!

Do you sometimes feel frustrated or depressed and dream of a version of your reality in which you are free? 

Do you sometimes just feel useless and locked in a cage with your current job, in your family or in your being? 

Your inner fire seems to be slowly ceasing to burn, or perhaps it is only glowing very faintly... 

Then it's clearly time to take your life into your own hands! Yes - to live a self-determined life - both privately and professionally. 


What if you really enjoyed what you were doing? Everything just felt like free time instead of work?



You recognize and achieve your true goals with meYou live your visions (even more). You learn To love, accept and appreciate yourself. Everything is one and when you are one, you are an enrichment for the whole world.


My vision is that you will be able to realize your self-determined Living freedom full of trust and love can. And thus lay the foundation for your Prosperity on all levels of your being consolidate.

It's about empowering yourself to achieve what you want and Your energy grows every day.



It's in your hands! If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then it's time to take the Responsibility and to go for you! 


Do you want to realize your dreams and goals? Then it's time to Time to live THE life you deserve!

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