What each and every one of us must do for peace in the world:

As we know, it is important to control for peace. For the unification of all countries.

Dr. Grabovoi really gives us a lot of tools for this. And not just him! - There are so many ideologies, religions and communities that tell us exactly the same thing. Dr. Grabovoi has only shown the whole thing from the scientific side.

I would like to point out a point here that is often simply neglected.

What follows probably only applies to you in part - but it certainly applies to you in part! Otherwise we would already have peace on earth today! We have to admit the truth here and look deep inside ourselves! 

All situations in the world have to do with us - what if we just really paid attention to where we still have conflicts in our lives?

A conflict in your life corresponds to a war in the world.

Aggression and anger and annoyance with others as well.

Conflicting connections with another person or another family correspond to the lack of connections between countries.

😎 Where else do you deal with conflicts?

😎 Where do you rate things as really bad and get upset about them?

😎 Who else do you wish bad things for?

😎 How often do you repeat the content of catastrophic news in conversations?

😎 Who would you most like to involve a lawyer with?

😎 Who don't you want to greet?

😎 Who are you bad at talking to?

😎 Which connections with people are disastrous for you or upset you?

😎 Who don't you want to talk to?

😎 What external grievances do you blame on the government?

😎 How often do you berate the government? Or at others?

😎 How often do you talk badly about others?

In my eyes, we absolutely have to get a grip on these things. Bring peace to these situations. That way, we also contribute to peace.

We are a mirror of the world.

How can we expect peace if we ourselves are not at genuine, deep peace with ourselves and our environment?

🙃 It also applies to me, by the way!

I have been working with aggression for many days. Look deeply - accept - change views - give in - recognize what I had to learn - pacify

Finally, a question for you:

How can I hope that the world will become a peaceful place if I myself am not prepared to make peace "with my neighbor"? To let go of old conflicts?

My parents used to say to me: "The wiser one gives in" - what if this is our path?



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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be interesting to read articles from other authors and use a little something from their sites.

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