Number series for psychological standardization A-O (Volume 1/2)

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Dr. Grabovoi's series of numbers for psychological normalization help to steer your thought patterns in a super beneficial direction for you and all people. Also the thought patterns of others.

This revised edition resolves over 120 serious errors in the previous translation in all editions.

The series of numbers bring you into the frequency of acting in harmony with your soul again: Freer, lighter, more successful.

This translation corresponds to the author's requirements and has been corrected or supplemented in over 120 cases, in accordance with the Russian original.

In any case, it makes sense to book a training course in order to implement the application most effectively. (

ISBN: 978-3-754966-57-0

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Every grievance in life has its causes in our thought patterns - the psyche.

This applies to health as well as to relationships, finances, career and global events.

With the series of numbers assigned in the book to various concepts of psychology, Dr. Grigori Grabovoi gives us an exact Help to positively influence personal and global thinkingfor the benefit of all.

These series of numbers are a daily Tool for more harmony, health and success in all situations in life.

🚀 The foreword contains important Notes for use.

🚀 In the introduction, more than 9 Methods for the effective use of the number series in this work.

🚀 There is a detailed alphabetical list of Index - Unique in its kind.

🚀 The appendix contains valuable Additional information of the author on the meanings and possible uses of the individual digits in connection with these series of numbers for psychological normalization. (Transmitted live by Dr. Grabovoi during my seminar in Belgrade with the 22 PRK-1U)

Worth knowingPsychology literally means: The study of the soul.

The order of the terms is almost magical - if you read them in order, something very special happens. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the old (faulty) edition. Still, I'm glad I had that edition before this one came out.

The work is available for practical use as DIN A5 Ring binder designed. It has 372 pages.

In relation to the previous edition in German, the terms are in the order explicitly specified by the author and over 120 errors have been corrected or missing terms added in this 1st volume alone.


An intensive training course on the book is available in Cordula's Academy

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    The ring binding makes it super easy to use

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